Electro House - R3hab Style

R3hab has been creating big waves lately.

Alongside Afrojack, many similar elements have been pushed out through his new stuff.

Firstly, using this his more recent remix of Champagne Showers - LMFAO

- YouTube

Electro House / Dutch House

LMFAO (DJ R3hab Remix)

The track presents and incredible range of drivers, creating a non-stop adrenaline pumping track!


Percussion && Fx-

The track is full of shots of all kinds of percussion and effects.

It would be really good to been shown some techniques to create this effects.

Such as in intro, the sort of double clap with echo, the bleeps.

Other tracks use the same sort of thing,

Afrojack - Doing It Right (Original Mix) - YouTube

Doing It Right by Afrojack uses a very interesting shot which can be heard in the outtro, 7:08ish, which sounds like a vocal on a vinyl being scratched.

Synths -

Sub Bass driver in the intro (Is this bass used in the drop, under the lead synth (with the low FQ filtered out))

Pluck to Saw - Still cannot seem to nail this part, and being a huge factor of the dance scene, it would be really good to put this nail in the coffin, and I am sure many others are with me.

Arp or pattern? In the second drop this works with the main lead quite nicely.

Mixing - What frequencies and forms of compression should be used and taken out to make the saw hit hard, and the subbass driver and lead sit better?

Whilst this tutorial was more focused on the percussion, FX, and possibly the synthwork, the track (like many of r3habs many other works) is bursting at the seams and have so many elements which would be brilliant to look into.

i want too see one of thoose too! it would be amaaaazing!

Phil is godlike!

This is the hottest style of production right now. If Phil did a tutorial on this is would epic. Everyone wants it, this site needs it!:w00t: