Electro house tune

Just started working on this. Let me know what you think

In progress by osc1

Pretty sick start! Now you just gotta make it bigger =)

[quote]gamlow (30/05/2010)[hr]Pretty sick start! Now you just gotta make it bigger =)[/quote]

Definitely agree with Gamlow, you have the basis of a nice Techy track there, just needs a few more elements, some arrangement and filter sweeps, then you can chuck it in the sonic world cup.


Thanks for the positive feedback. It’s always nice to hear :slight_smile:

I’ll upload a revised version soon.

Look forward to it dude!

New version. I think the kick and bass klick more nicely on this one

In progress new version by osc1

Cool both elements are nice and clear, the kick punches through. The start of this tune reminds me alot of an old defected tune - Got To Release, you should give it a listen might inspire something.


very good groove, id like to see what you come up with for this track in the future

Thanks so much for the feedback. Really appreciated :):):slight_smile:

I think the biggest challenge is creating interesting build ups.

I’ve beefed up the drums a bit and replaced the baseline with a new one. Let me know if you like this better.

In progress synth by osc1

Hi pretty good has an 80’s feel to it…, seems to be lacking bottom end though?

By the way i think the 1st bassline you made sounded better, thats just my preference though, it seemed to move better…

I can’t really decide which one I like best. Maybe the new one is a bit to synthy.

New 1 sounds 80’s if thats the vibe you was going for then cool, but personally the other bassline worked better in my opnion.