Electro House

Hey guys,

I’d like to share my new tune with you, any feedback and critisism is greatly appreciated.

Lets see criticism is…it sounds just like mord fustang’s we are connected. its like you just downloaded the remix pack, did a tiny bit of midi arrangement and called it your own song. NOT cool man!!!

Yeah sure, I just downloaded the remix pack and renamed it, you SOOOOO got me there.

But despite the fact that it acutally sounds different, the arps, the saw and the pad are not the same and that there is no way to get the acutal stems you’re right. I might give you that the bass sounds alike mord’s, but thats a common electro house saw. That’s total BS you put up, it actually took some work to do that. In addition, why should I do this? I get no money for it, just for some clicks on soundcloud? I just love to make music, that’s it.

Get your facts straight before calling me a faker.

this does sound like mord fustang, exactly like him. Thou if you did the sound design yourself , congratulations. I cannot give you an opinion in general because i am biased by the fact that I hear that exact same vibe from another person and for me it doesn’t feel like it’s your ideas you are trying to transmit. But your technique is spot on .

Well, thing is that I created it on my own. And yes it sounds like mord, didn’t deny that. I was just upset because I was accused on loading a remix pack or the stems and only do minor changes and putting my name on it. Maybe it’s just the Sonic Acadmey mentality, “how to sound like …” :smiley: I’m still very stuck into that, but first I need to get the proper techniques before developing an own style. I’ll try to work that out.

But anyways, I’m very gratefull for any response I get.

Yeah that is what I don’t like , the whole ‘How to sound like…’ I really appreciate learning techniques how the sounds were obtained so i can maybe use them for my own stuff totally different from what the tutorial was teaching. The tuts are very good though and helped me like you said , start to form my own technique.

Congrats again on the spot-on sound design.