Electro Kick & snare


Am relatively new to electro but have made drum and bass for a while. I aim to make tunes with drums that have a fair amount of punch like Wolfgang Gartner. I used to think that in house the kick had all the low end punch with the snare tending to have just snap (clap+normal snare) and tops - The snare having the lo punch hi-passed out. However when listening to Gartner or Madeon’s music it seems that their snares still have plenty of lo-end punch (say 160 hz) even when sitting over a kick drum. Is it common to notch eq

away frequencies in the kick where the snare’s punch resides? How do you combine the two? You see the kick and the snare rarely sit on top of each other in drum n bass/dubstep.


I’ve also been trying to emulate the drums sounds of Madeon and the like as you asked yeah in Electro House quite often the kick lies on each beat of the bar with the snare hitting on the 2 and the 4 and usually a high hat will hit on the off beat (between 1 and 2 sometimes also on the beat as well) for the punchy snare combining a lot of snares can help. Ive also found recently that instead of using an EQ (or as well as) a multiband dynamic effect in ableton can really bring out the punch in a sound whether its the Lows, Mids, or Highs (I found this out whilst watching Mau5hax where that was one of Feed Me’s tricks)

Anyway hope that helps feel free to disagree lol. :slight_smile:

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One thing to keep in mind with Madeon and artists like them - there’s a lot of compression going on! Take a look at SA’s French House in Cubase series (even if you don’t have Cubase) for fairly similar drums.