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Electronic music is very developed. It’s divided into many kinds of sub-generes. One from most popular and known is trance. Often also appear questions how the trance is divided.

Trance (Eng. trance, exultation, numbness, lethargy, ecstasy) - the style of electronic music, which develop itself in the 90s. Is characterized by rate between 130 but 160 BPM (faster than house whether techno.)

*BPM ( beats per minute ) in lame terms - speed of the song.

The first featured compositions as " Trance” they descend from broadly comprehended the movement of Acid. The special influence came on from style exerted hit The KLF - What Time Is Love. Disputes influence on emergent itself style had also Techno and house.

By the first in general acknowledged for Trance the composition was a track the Age of Love-Sven Vath . The second important composition was Dance 2 Trance - in Came In Peace. On how many The Age of Love .Trance exerted large influence on the movement from Acid with creators by such as Emmanuel Top, Hardfloor or Union Jack…

The sound of contemporary known Trance became modeled independently by Paul van Dyk (For An Angel from a debut album of 45 RPM) and Robert Miles (Children from a debutante album Dreamland). Both compositions are up to now acknowledged for some from best representatives of kind, but Children came across on the summits many letter of hits and up to now is let go in the radios of popular music. Many later compositions tried to be imitated that style, contributing to its final formation.

Contemporarily Trance is one of the more popular styles of electronic music.Most known producers of trance: Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Menno de Jong, Blank & Jones, Cosmic Gate, ATB, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Rank 1, Guiseppe Ottaviani, Markus Schulz and Sander van Doorn.

:arrow:Agreedly upon Trance we divide on:

· Uplifting

· Vocal

· Tech

· Hard

· Progressive

· Psychadelic

· Acid

· Goa Trance

· Uplifting (also called Epic Trance)

It’s very near progressive trance.This style was and as before is very popular in Germany and UK.

Artists: 4 Strings, Airbase, Airwave, Airscape.

· Vocal

Uses female voices in trance tracks. Some from more known vocal lenders voice in the compositions trance ` those are-: Tiff Lacey, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Jennifer Rene, JES, Anita Kelsey, Justine Suissa, Nadia.

· Tech

Tech-Trance is this indirect style between techno and trance connections with itself the elements of these kinds. With techno joins repeated itself and strong beat 4/4 in the rate about 135-150BPM and the straight melodies trance(straighter than in the clean trance). Tech-Trance differs from trance by this, that has more monotonous tone but from techno distinguishes it, that is more melodious and possesses refrain. Tech-trance has tendentions to use a larger quantity pulling, sounds giving the effect of lightly malformed melodies.

Artists: Simon Patterson ,Sander van Doorn, Marco V, Randy Katana,John Askew,Scooter

· Hard

Hardstyle The sub-genere of music trance characterizing sharp samplers, otherwise called HardBass or HardDance. Average rate this 140-150 BPM.

Artists: The Headhunterz ,DJ Coone,Scot Brown,Technoboy,DjJoop,DJ Pavo, DJ Zany, DJ Luna, Showtek, Alpha Twins, DJ Pila, DJ Issac, , Beholder & Balistic, Technoboy, Daniele Mondello, Deepack, Max B Grant, DJ Duro, Donkey Rollers.

· Progressive –most popular in EU from year 2000. Connecting many styles of late years of 90, such as uplifting trance. Characteristic for this kind is a long, consist lots of synths and pads.

Artists: Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz,The Thrillseekers

· Psychadelic

Psychadelic possess so-called space” tones. Psychadelic trance descends from oriental music goa.

Psy Trance artists: Astral Projection, Chakra,Astrix,Comsosis

· Acid

Current in music trance near related with Goa trance, originated at the turn of years of 80. and 90. Characterizes it the use of " sour sounds” generated by the synthesizer Rolland TB808 ,TB909, but also playing the sequence of melody while occurs the change of the frequencies of instruments.

Artists: Kai Tracid ,Hardfloor, Solar Quest, article Of Trance, Commander the volume

· Goa Trance

Is characterized the very high tone of melody, in which are interlaced with itself different motiv, spent sounds by, synthesizer causing enough strong feeling if voyaged after outer space. Goa trance was born in the Indian province Goa. Goa trance is closely connected with psychadelic trance. Both kinds are to itself very nearing; however, in goa is more oriental music, however psychadelic space” tone. Sub-species is necessary to undergroundu. Is not popular.

Artists: Protonica,Psilocybe Project,Electric Universe, Fred Disko, Goa Gil Mark Alle. Often is so, that artists creating goa they create also psytrance.

Modern Trance artist that are popular:

· Armin van Buuren (NL)

· Tiesto (NL)

· Ferry Corsten (NL)

· Sander van Doorn (NL)

· Kyau vs Albert (GER)

· Paul Van Dyk (GER)


· Blank & Jones (GER)

· Above & Beyond (UK)

· Darude (FINa)

· Marco V (NL)

· Markus Schulz (USA)

· The Thrillseekers (UK)

· Claudia Cazacu (UK)

· Sean Tyas ( SWISS)

· Activa (UK)

· Ally & Fila (EGY)

· Gareth Emery (UK)

· Tom Colontonio (USA)

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*More readings [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trance_music]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trance_music[/url]

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