Elusive laptop kick

The kick question has been asked a million times so I tried to avoid doing this but I have a serious problem getting a kick to sound solid through normal laptop speakers. My kicks sound great (to me at least) through my sound system, my surround sound as well as my car speakers but when I listen to it through my Macbook Pro speakers it just really loses it’s oomph. I listen to professional tracks and there doesn’t seem to be a problem listening to it through my laptop over any other system you can still clearly hear the kick and the beefiness of it though the laptop speakers.

One solution I tried that got me somewhere was the Exciter tutorial on here where you send your track through an EQ and a saturator or over drive onto a return track to get the high hats and higher sounds a little more prominent, I just moved the EQing around on the lower end till I heard what I wanted but its just still not there…

This might not be a huge problem but its a pet peeve of mine and I’d love to get it sorted out

Any suggestions?