Embarrassing Bodies

Show should be called Embarrassing Minds… rather than Bodies.

What makes these idiots go on TV, showing their scabby hands, thrushy vag’s, anal fissures, saggy t!ts & scaly knob’s - to the whole wide world.

C’mon! Bit of dignity never cost anything.

Interestingly, the commentary on anything female related is always sensitive:

“Sharon has an inverted nipple, which has really damaged her confidence…”

Whereas Men:

“David has come to the clinic today with a little problem in the downstairs department…”

Its always the same. Men - lets laugh at the problems (Hoho - Its not Scrote Cancer, its just a cyst you silly bastard, you shouldnt have SAT on it for so long - BOOM BOOM). Women - you poor thing. Theres a definite tone on that show.

Fkn mad. If any of that sh!t was said about women, they’d go ape, complaining to the watchdog & sh!t.

Adverts are always portraying men as idiots, cos they’re easy targets. Mr Muscle - Wimp - who’s no good at cleaning. Anything with DIY involved - Dad is always a fkn imbecile - to name a couple of stereotypes.

Anway… The people on EB are insane. I’ve just seen someones fanny & someones scabby skin. Do these people not work? Have Kids that could be teased in school?

God love them.

… and breathe…

Hey man… i’ve been b!tchin 60 hours this week… not impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been working on your mum for 60 hours this week… not impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve now got an itchy scrotum, tell her i’m thinking of visiting the EB doc

So thats the type of fool that goes there :smiley: :hehe: :w00t:

I enjoy getting my sack out in public, think of the teabagging possibilities

[quote]Roben (22/04/2011)[hr]I enjoy getting my sack out in public, think of the teabagging possibilities[/quote]

I’ve got a massive scrotum, the ladies love it! I stretch it out and use it skillfully as an asphixi erotic suffocation tool.

Talking of scrotums reminded me of my poor cousin who was playing some bedroom antics with his missus. He was dancing about their new cast iron bed and decided to do a Superman dive and caught his sack ! ! !

Guy in my school tried to jump over a pool table & got a cue stuck in his blar$e area.

What was his nickname after that one ?

Idiot :smiley:

Wow, you guys have SUCH better TV than we have over here. All we have is that nasty-a$$ Snooki. Haha, we had a story about her over here that said she wanted to get back in shape. She’s an Italian female from New Jersey!!! She’s not SUPPOSED to be in shape!!!

Snooki will NEVER be shape :slight_smile:

This thread is one of the four harbingers of the apocalypse.

Imagine that we were chosen!

Pity there will be no-one left to tell :slight_smile:

[quote]ICN (23/04/2011)[hr]Idiot :D[/quote]