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was exploring ambient and meditative music a lot recently and this is somehow a danceable result of it.^^ there are two problems i have with this track. 1) although not much is happening it feels so rushed. could be 15 minutes to my ears but then i listened to it for two days straight and can’t judge anymore. 2) the balance and eq-ing between the instruments. especially the epiano, same problem i have with all arturia instruments: i love the sound of their epianos and organs but never seems to really fit when add some drums. to me they always sound muffled. usally i boost the mid and high frequencies via equalizer and fabfiler saturn. which doesn’t really make it better. they only are more recognizable but also lose strength. you have an instrument where’s not much happening above 800hz, most of the nicely sounding impact is below 200hz and your kickdrum is occupying 50-70hz. what do you?

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a second try to get this thing work.reduced a lot on the reverb effects, cut more of the bass, changed the notes to be a bit less static, added a simple bass line because it felt so empty although it’s not really what i wanted.

tried again. this time by resetting all effects and then cutting whatever sounded ok instead of boosting. sounds much clearer now, but also pretty high.

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