Enamour - Ruby Remix Competition with Anjunadeep / 19

Hey @zoane

Well in fact 320kbps MP3 is the recommended format for uploading your track :slight_smile:

That said you should be able to upload .wav audio files too, but then the waveform won’t display correctly on the player from the site, it won’t show the “smooth” waveform design but something more like vertical lines that could make you think that the audio is clipping but in fact no, that’s just the player display behavior for .wav files.

You’ll see some examples if you play through the tracks in the list ( i.e : the remix from “noctisluxx” or “araynor08” )

I want all these remixes. There’s so much talent here!! Y’all should be proud of this contest! Its been an honor to participate in one of my fav songs remix…

WOW! The Warren Kirkwood mix…definitely a trance guy there. Great job! All of these are so good. Great work everyone!

Cheers Dave, Yeah i also really like yours nice flow your track has, I love what you did with the Bassline.

All of these deserve a vote! But that I-MAD remix though, cannot deny the vibe here. Definitely euphoric. Makes you smile. It’s a must listen!

Hey all! Excited to be a part of this, so many great directions here. Thanks so much to Anjunadeep & Enamour for the opportunity.

– the Bad Eye brothers

Wow some good stuff here, i wasnt ready for this…. had to work with my Xperia headphone :confused:
At least i learn stuff on the way !

good luck everyones !

everyone has done a great job!

better late than never! excited to be in this contest. good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opportunity to remix this great track Sonic Academy/Enamour/Anjunadeep!

Wow these are all awesome guys! REally stoked to be part of this.

had a lot of fun working on this one!

Just finished my take on this track, thank you so much for the opportunity to make a remix out of this great original. I had a lot of fun working on it:). Good luck everyone! Cheers Difstate

I’ve probably learned more in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past 2 years. Never finished a full project before (let alone a remix), so I’ve learned firsthand how important it is to finish what you’re working on! I really enjoyed taking a crack at this! Thanks to Enamour and SA for putting this on. There are a lot of incredible remixes here!

Just posted my remix. Really hope y’all enjoy it! Massive thanks to Enamour, Sonic Academy, and Anjunadeep for throwing this remix comp. Loved working on this! There’s a lot of great talent in this contest :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!

Just added my remix… been a pleasure working on this… some great entry’s so far… Good luck everyone

Hello everybody,

thanks to Enamour, Anjunadeep and Sonic Academy for this amazing opportunity.

So many great remixes… big up to everyone.
Hope you like my remix, too.

This was a really fun challenge. I tried really hard not to make somthing different and I think i succeded!

Good luck to all of you :smiley:

I loved messier86 remix best one out there :star_struck:

Just about got something finished in time lol…would of liked to have spent a bit more time on the transitions…really enjoyed making this and grateful for the course and comp! Some amazing entry’s! best of luck to everyone :slight_smile: