Enamour - Ruby Remix Competition with Anjunadeep / 19

Submitted. Good luck to everyone!

Best of luck lads!

Seriously strong contenders here my word!

Been a pleasure working through all these tracks, every one of them is a tremendous effort. Good luck to all!

Is there anyway to submit my remix I misread the contest ending date as submission time but finished up last night but wanted to hear mix with fresh ears this morning. Please let me know if there is anything I can do I have slaved away on this remix and think Enamour and Anjuna would really love it.


Hey @jakekaiser

Sorry to hear this but this is entirely up to S.A and I don’t think it’s possible, you can try to submit your request from the support page. The time frame for remix-comp has to be rather strict otherwise it would be a never ending story.

Reminders were also sent via S.A social medias hubs in order to warn people and to do a “last call” announcement.

Time zone could be very tricky, therefore it’s a good habit to set your submission limit date 24h ahead from what’s announced on the web site when deciding to get involved IMO.

Beside this, it is absolutely not permitted to upload your remix on any medias outside the Remix Competition frame as mentioned in the rules :

  • 8-Submissions may not be released or distributed for any purposes or through any media whatsoever except by label in its sole discretion.

For that reason, you have to take down your track from SoundCloud and I have to delete your second post with the sndCld link.

Sorry for the disagreement & the frustration and again feel free to reach S.A from the support page to try to push your request further but the SndCld link woould do no good here.

Thank you.

Thank you and I totally understand. I had the submission up last night but checked the " 23/02/2019 07:00:00 UTC" like 5 times to ensure I had time to submit this morning. I’m usually not one to wait until the last second and guess this is why. Thank you for the response guess I was too caught up with the remix to see the second time listed.

If there is any ability to make an exception please let me know and I can even show the track was exported well before the deadline and would appreciate it more than than I can express.

Either way best of luck to everyone


As I mentioned in the previous post, try to reach S.A support ( I’m just moderating here :slight_smile: ) either via mail customerservice@sonicacademy.com or by submitting a request using this link from the support page : https://support.sonicacademy.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to ask about your remix submission.

Hope this could help.

Thank you so much for your help I really appreciate it

have a great day

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This kind of one-loop-throughout track is tricky to remix, it really puts remixer’s skill and creativity to the test.

Damn I have got the song done but I overlooked the closing date. Is it possible to submit the track somehow?

sorry some words got deleted.

"I have emailed support but they haven’t got back to me. I had inputted the name of the remix incorrectly. Is it possible to alter it?

Instead of the Crimsen & Mustafa Ismaeel remix, change it to Crimsen remix"

Hey @crimsenmusic

Just bear in mind your request was made outside office hours, allow some time for support to get back to you :slight_smile:

EDIT : Also deleted your first post since it’s just adding to the topic and all the information is clear in the 2nd one.

Thanks for all your help !

I still have to receive a reply. Would you have the capability to engage the support team to reply with an ETA or any progress ?
Don’t want any confusion during judging and voting phase.

Help would be much appreciated

Hey @crimsenmusic

No worries, I did that already and anyway support is also reading the forums, so they are aware about your request to rename your track. Now at my level I can’t tell what’s the policy about this and how those audio files are managed, but yes, they know about it :slight_smile:

It usually takes some weeks before the artist/labels picks up the winners and in this case there’s quite a large numbers of submissions so no stress, still in time.

Thanks @Tekalight for helping everyone here - @crimsenmusic that files name has now been updated for you.

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Thanks a lot for the prompt resolution guys. Support is on point :ok_hand:

Thanks @Tekalight

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any idea on when the results are going to be announced?

Hey there @crimsenmusic

As mentioned before it usually takes a couple of weeks and this time the number of submission was quite huge, but yes, it should not be too long before S.A received the results I think. You guys would be updated as soon as they received news.

@chris_agnelli It’d be good if there was a function on playing the remixes where they stream one after the other, so we can all listen to them all without having to keep clicking on the next one… if you get me.