Enough! - Techno

Enough of spamming here :smiley: My last track for a possible EP. Hope you like it.
It’s a bit unusual to go in without Rumble. Should I? Would be nice to get an answer and general feedback to finish the track!


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Hey there @Woask

The rumble is there for me :wink: It doesn’t have to be exaggerated or pushed really hard in your face, give it a little more reverb to make it even more subliminal and it will add another atmosphere background to this one.

The low end is much more under control in this track and there’s a good overall mixing work, you could bring up some mids & high frequencies, I can pick up some nice elements in there that would add to the track. Right now it’s a bit low end and kind of monophonic synth driven, bringing those elements more into focus for the listener could give another dimension to the track IMO. I’m missing atmosphere & more harmonics in this one.

Now in term of progression & arrangement, it’s a bit chaotic to follow if I’ll be honest. There’s a lot of stuttered and syncopated synths sounds coming in & out, not really able to hook the listener. Even if it’s more like hard style techno, the progression could be more musical & memorable, using longer notes. Then there’s little mistakes like for example using this brilliant reverb double snare sound at 4:55 toward the end → but why not using it at 2:24 after the main break ?

So to sum it up, my feedback would be → bring back space & atmosphere lifting up the mids & higher parts & using reverb on the rumble, create something more memorable & musical through the all progression ( listener brain need to focus at some point instead of always being surprised ) and polish the transitions : it could definitely be more epic using the right sounds & effects as well as using a good timing ( i.e : epic double snare sound follow by the right amount of silence ( or noise, using the tail of the snare drop ) before kicking back in with the full track ).

That’s it for my 2cts feedback :smile: Hope this helps and as usual, as much as I try to be “neutral”, it’s based on my own listening experience, so share your music with friends, ask for honest thoughts & feedback, don’t focus on only one feedback.

Cheers !

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To find the right SFX is very time intense. Could be nice if you add some :wink:
The focus on Synths is intended but it definitely needs more SFX. I’ll also look to get a better contrast using longer sounds. Well I don’t have to repeat everything you said. It is all right and i am glad to have you :slight_smile: It’s really helping me!

Well, everything is time consuming when you start to dive into music production :smile: It’s a personal choice to decide or not to dive deep into it, there’s no success happening overnight. It takes time, practice and it’s a never ending learning curve. It’s a long journey if you decide to be serious about it :wink:

Some wise words here

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