Entered a Remix Competiton lately? Post it here!

Any of you had entered a remix comp lately? You could post a link here and maybe we could all give our support as most of these competitions have a voting system.

Ok, i’ll start…:slight_smile:

Remix Competition: Raheem DeVaughn Remix Contest - “I Don’t Care” hosted by Indaba Music


Will have to link if i get on the voting, deadline isn’t till end of the month though, which is annoying because i gave them my tune over a week ago lol.

Will vote for you now.


Ok tried the link and got to say i’m bit confused, how do i vote you?

great remix frankie, i see the classes you have been taking have paid off

really housey me like it ! you got my vote :slight_smile:

Got my vote

Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah, I had fun doing that mix. The voting doesn’t start until the deadline I think which is April 15th.

Roben, I put my vote in for your mix!:slight_smile:

Thanks Frankie!

Well that’s weird then, I did couldn’t work out what to do on your site but then i seen the vote button and clicked it and assumed it must have worked, clearly not! lol.

Remind me when i can vote for you properly.

GO TEAM SONIC!! :smiley:

By the way, i REALLY like your remix.

Hi guys,

Well, voting started today for the Raheem DeVaughn Remix Contest i had entered. Hoping some of the members here could give me some support. Of course, vote only if you like the remix I did. You can click on the link below. THANKS!!!:slight_smile:

I voted twice with two different emails. Fair? Well i’m sure plenty of other people have done it for the other artists. Anyways i genuinly really like your track and would have voted anyways regardless of you asking.

You’ve moved now from 44th to 39th place, good luck.


voted good work :slight_smile:

Thanks Roben and Jon! Appreciate it!:slight_smile:

Mate this is right up my street, an awesome bit of soulful house!

Would love to know what you use for your bassline, it’s pretty sick man.

Voted, thrice!

Boo, the contest is closed… don’t suppose you fancy sharing out the stems do you?

Thanks for this thread Frankie!