Episode 132 | Randy Seidman + Fon.Leman (OH 6-Yr. Anniversary)

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of Open House. Today’s 6-year anniversary edition is a special one, featuring some of my top new jams in the first hour followed by an exclusive with one of my favorite Russian artists, Fon.Leman in hour two. Just got back from an awesome weekend in the Northwest, playing to packed rooms in Seattle, Portland, and Spokane. Coming up in February I’m heading to Canada to for shows in Calgary Edmonton. For now, turn it up.br
Randy Seidman’s Track List:br

  1. Darin Epsilon Ad Brown - Cold Water (Stendhal Remix)br
  2. Flash Brothers - Barracuda (Sebastian Krieg Roman F. Remix)br
  3. Jay Ronko, Josh Newson - Push (Peter Brown Remix)br
  4. Peter Brown - White Island (Luna Moor, Diaz Remix)br
  5. Sun Island Project Pres. VIF f. Erinya Moon - Belive In (Original Dub Mix)br
  6. Veeshy - Melbourne Summer (Stereo Citizen Remix)br
  7. Turning Point (Flashtech Remix)br
  8. Anushka De’sai - Breeze (Original Mix)br
  9. Vitodito - If You (Original Mix)br
  10. Aleksey Yakovlev - Reverse Side (Original Mix)br
  11. Vitodito - Paralelo 38 (Sergey Shemet Remix)br
  12. Dinka - Lotus (New Guinea) (Original Mix)br
    I hope you enjoyed the first hour, some of my favorite jams at the moment. Up next is Russia’s Fon.Leman - one of my favorite progressive house producers in the game. His tracks are supported by the biggest DJs and are released by labels such as Intricate and Silk. I have been wanting to get him on the show for quite a while, so I’m excited he’s here just for you. For the next hour, Fon.Leman is in the mix.br
    Fon.Leman’s Track List:br
  13. Bonobo - Cirrus (Original Mix)br
  14. Eli and Fur - You’re so High (Original Mix)br
  15. Manna Croup - Stay (Original Mix)br
  16. Luthier Stupidizko - Under Presure (Original Mix)br
  17. Format:B - Der Samtfalter (Original Mix)br
  18. Styline - Sylenth (Original Mix)br
  19. Greg Stainer - Back Home (Mix 1)br
  20. Ario - What The Frequency (Plastic FM Remix)br
  21. John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto - Idiosyncrazy (Original Mix)br
  22. Dazzo - Gotcha (Original Mix)br
  23. Demarzo - Another Day (Heartless Dub)br
  24. Arkoss - Break Out (Original Mix)br
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