Hi all was just wondering how you go about eqing your sounds as this is a stumbling block for many  …

also maybe we could get a tips and tricks section going on the site … maybe for different software types .:smiley:

Sorry the post above is aimed at viewers /members:D

mostly cut everything from 40 hz out sometimes higher

then i do sweeps to find any weird frequency’s that need cutting and if any sound good i give it a lil boost

You can also use Spectrum Analysis tools to find the specific frequencies that sounds are working at if you think they may need a boost/cut. If you don’t have access to this you can use the old method of plugging in a multiband EQ and boosting the gain and increasing the Q on one of the pots then seeping through the frequencies until you find the frequency that resonates the most and this will be the frequency the sound is working at. You can then dip the Gain back down to boost or cut the frequency to suit the track. Its and old studio method used for “tuning” drums before the days of Spectrum Analysis but still works well depending on the sound.

Generally watch how much EQing you are doing. It should be a subtle thing mainly. If you find you are EQing a sound loads and still not getting what you want the chances are that the sound isn’t right for the track in the first place.

cheers guys for your input on that much needed

Graham I’m looking for a good spectrum analysis tool for Cubase SX, is there one on there already or do I need to download one? & If so, which would you recommend?

This is something I really want to start doing in my tracks but don’t know anything about so its a grey area at the moment :frowning:

voxengo do a free one

just google it