alright so, i get that you have to make sure that frequencys arent overlapping and muddying up the mix, but my question is, how do i use abletons eq eight to properly shape frequency? I get what its supposed to do and where the freqs. are supposed to sit on the kh/khz but im still unsure on how to fully do it with the eq8. It seems when i use the eq right that i cant get rid of the start or finish of the freq. im using. For example, I have my kicks at 73 hz. but the eq i have lets it trail off to 101 hz all the way up to 1.1 khz. I want to be able to stop the frequency so it doesnt over lap my bass tracks, but i am unsure how to properly do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You have seen the buttons for Low cut all the way to High cut?

Often you cut off all tracks with a low cut. You can boost the Kick and bass with increasing the Q value. That makes the cut steaper as well.

Also try to reduce some frequencies to make room for other instruments/sounds, instead of giving them peaks.

And most importantly, keep a/b-ing.