having a office day job and producing in the evenings makes me want to pay more attention to ergonomics. it probably hasn’t been helping that i have been using apple’s magic mouse. any suggestions for a good mouse setup for macs (need sideways scrolling) that is ergonomic?

not sure about sideways scrolling but this is what i use.

Kensington slimblade track ball

I have pretty bad RSI so i cant use a track pad or normal mouse for more than a few minutes without getting shooting pains and burning sensations in my fingers and wrists.

(pretty sure it was apples trackpad that did most of the damage)

I have tried a lot of solutions and this is the only one where i can work long periods without it hurting too much… although really long sessions it still gets bad.

Ive taught myself to use my left hand too which means i can switch hands with almost no loss of speed.

Thanks Phil you’ve sparked my curiousity with the trackpad option. But I’m curious, how is a trackball much different from a trackpad? It seems to me in either case you plant the base of the hand and move the fingers. So what is the difference that causes the pain?

Its the angle your fingers are at and also clicking with your finger on a track pad is bad.

Track ball is at a more natural angle and you click with your thumb. It’s also much more accurate.

Trackball mouses still cause you to twist your wrist, best to look into a vertical mouse, prevents the torsion that causes most of the discomfort/damage.