Eurodance, hardstyle

I finally did it, I used the amen break (and that one M1 piano). It’s stupid, I have no idea how to mix it, but that was so much fun.

Also some learnings. Initially I started with Dune’s Can’t Stop Raving as reference track and I saw that they have a almost brickwall hi-pass on the pads and leads at 200 hz. Seems to work. Just couldn’t find anything nice to fill the 100hz area. Should be some warm synth arp and not this hard low bass sound.

From what I could find on Google, it was common to sample single synth tracks and layer the samples because money Tried the same and bounced the pad and lead layers to mono tracks and ran them through an Akai S950 emulator. Has something.

Yeah, the overall mix is very “Mids” busy, from vocals to synths and even the percussion from the beat, that bass is really feeling like an “alien” element here… Also not playing nice withe the kick, not sure if a rhythmic bass line fits for this track. Like the part from 1:10 to 1:45. a long low frequency pad sound might work better, but that would probably give a more “Trance” feel to the track than “Eurodance”.

Yea, too attached to the idea to have the “lately” bass in this as well.

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