Evan Portman - Arrival [Trance]

I am looking for constructive criticism. I finished this track about a year ago but have had to stop producing due to having a child and working towards my career. I just purchased a new mac to get back into it and I would like to get some pointers on what I can do better to progress. Thank you in advance!


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Hi there Evan !

Well, first of all I found your track great. Musically and arrangement wise it’s a good trance track with most elements you could expect when listening to this genre. So that’s already a very good work done !

Now, mixing & mastering wise, your track seems to suffer from 3 things for me, which are :

  • the low end level ( affecting the general loudness level of the track )
  • some unbalanced levels between your synths mid-range and your high end levels.
  • Stereo placement or reverb or fx used on your high end atmosphere and Fx sounds ( linked to the second point as well )

This is after 2 listening in stereo, one on headphones and one on monitors, I need more accurate listening to confirm that.

Edit: I’m now moving my rather 2 long replies to PM for you to keep it more reading friendly for others here :slight_smile: