Example Kickstarts

Hi everybody, i’m new on this forum (but i’m a huge fan of Sonic Academy…) Someone is able to help me on making the Bass synth sound of this (Nice) Pop Dance Song ? I thing is not to difficoult… but i can’t do it :hehe: (startring at 0.48) here:


Thanks in advance… and have a goooood time making music (and learning how to do it on Sonic Academy!)


cant see the video you have posted, you mean Example - Kickstars ??

the Original Mix or the Remix by Bar 9 (much more brilliant than the original mix :wink: )?

saw wave. play with the detune/volume/octaves... add some distortion.

sidechain it to the kick through a compressor.

i think that would do it

Thanks for reply guys :slight_smile: I’ll try the suggestion. The remix is better than original, but i’m searching the Synth Bass of the Original Mix. Thanks again and good music :) 

Im not sure it is a saw… the waveform sounds more jaggy than a normal saw. If you check the SHM one get that sound where i use the kick drum as a waveform you will hear the sort of jaggyness im taliking about.

try using other kick types to create different tones.

Im starting to use this type of sound quite a bit now…

You can also greate a similar sound in NI absynth… you can draw in wave forms and if you draw a shape that looks like kinda like a kick waveform you will get similar results.

Phil any chance of making a tutorial on the absynth itself? ive no clue how to work it

…Thanks again for suggestions. i’ll try Absynth. With Saw Wave i’ve got nice results, but different from “That” sound (Kickstart)…