Expert techniques on layering

Ilan Bluestone’s interview discussing layering was awesome. He calls it “precision layering” where he uses only EQ for the most part to sculpt his layers to all coexist while still creating a huge gelled sound–with all layers at the same volumes. I know you guys just did Trance 2.0, but I think especially after talking with Ilan, Maor Levi (who said it’s important to layer sounds with different timbres so they don’t phase), and Audien (who hinted at some subtle chorus/flanging processing and white noise layering) you guys are in a position to do a very advanced tutorial on strictly layering synths to create that wall-of-sound that we all aspire to make. Please do something like this in the future, thanks!

Hell Yes! PLEASE!

It sounds like you know how to layer. Do lots of eqing to get your layers to sit well together and then add subtle effects to get movement and enhance the stereo image.