External Sound Card Mac


I Need an External SOundcard so i can mix live on Ableton Live 8 and Traktor Pro 2

i use an iMac and a Macbook Pro…

my budget is about £100 to £200

(this is just a price i had in my head) if its higher or lower than what i need to spend then please let me know

once again thanks for your help!

I hear good things about these:


Apogee Duet (Mac only)

Apogee Ensemble (Mac only)

Metric Halo 2882 (Mac)

Metric Halo Labs ULN-2/8 (Mac)

RME Fireface 400

RME Fireface 800

Needs PCIe

Apogee Symphony (Mac onlu)

Lynx Studio Technology LynxTWO

RME HDSPe 9632



I have a Focusrite Pro 24 DSP that I’m pretty happy about. I does not have the best latency (on my system), but it has other nice features such as 2 headphone outputs with volume control, monitor volume control, VRM and a couple of Mic Preams (with or without phantom power).

Motu [url=http://www.motu.com/]http://www.motu.com/[/url]

,focusrite,rme,apogee,uad apollo - all good brands.