External Sound Cards!


I’ve got a desktop PC with 4gb ram, running Vista, NO firewire, and the only present soundcard is my Edirol UA-1EX

( http://www.roland.com/products/en/UA-1EX/ )

I finished the music production for beginners course a few months ago.

I’m looking an external soundcard to hook my 2 KRK-RP8s and KRK-RP10SUB to. And in general just a better quality soundcard for running Ableton. Budget up to £250-

Any suggestions?

Also, need a good usb midi keyboard at the minute

Thanks in advance for any help!


The Edirol is a decent enough card if your not doing any external recording (mics, vocals etc).

Remote SL is a nice controller


Cheers Phil. I assume no soundcards have xlr outputs? so i have to run alternative connections to my sub and then xlr to my speakers?

I was trying to use Audacity to track-mark RITONs Essential mix…I assumed as the edirol is my only soundcard it can’t handle in AND out?

Real nice controller there, I should’ve worked harder with my DJM 800 before I sold it!

Thanks Phil…


the sub should have a crossover in it… all you should have to do is run into your sub then through it and out to your main speakers. a pair of phono to xlr then a set of xlr-xlr from sub to mains.

this is all guess work but thats how its normally done.

Cheers Phil