External Soundcards

Hi Guys & Gals,

I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for external sound cards as I may be looking to purchase one?

I’ve currently got an audio 2 dj usb soundcard which is ok for basic stuff but once you get to 20+ channels on a track the latency issue becomes an absolute nightmare!!

I haven’t got millions to spend but if anyone could recommend any brands for me to look at I can have a look at the price and make a decision on whether to go for it or not

Appreciate any advice thats given!



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I use the Native Instruments Audio 6. Its reasonably priced for what it offers. No complaints on it. Pre-amps are pretty decent and latency is down to a minimum. Doesn’t have a ton of inputs but it has plenty for what I need at my home studio.

A solid choice in my opinion if you are looking for a good quality sound card but still in a budget.

I actually use external DACs that have inbuilt amps such as the iBasso products, check em out!

I also use Komplete Audio 6 from NI, really a good item. However, that being said I have noticed that it causes audio drop-outs if you have too many “audio” things going on. E.g. Youtube, Ableton, WMP all at once = audio drop-outs.

If your using just two or so things it shouldnt do that though, and really all you need is two items on at a time.

Hey guys, thanks a lot for the advice…i’ll definitely have a look at the card you’ve mentioned…is it a USB connection by any chance?

My home set up is very basic as well (macbook and midi controller!) so it will definitely have enough inputs for what I need and i’ll bear the audio drop out issue in mind. Generally when i’m on ableton i’m ON ableton and nothing else really gets a look in so it shouldn’t be an issue!

Cheers again

Yeah, its a USB 2.0 connection. That’s weird about the audio dropouts, I’ve never had that happen to me before. I’m gonna try running several audio programs and see if it happens to me too.