Extracting Audio

Don’t Know if anyone has ever seen this before, but we’ve had a few people in the past ask about getting vocals from a track. this apparently will pull any file from a track and in fact with a fast enough system should be capable of reverse engineering your entire track.

Hey Jon, YouTube is blocked here at work. Is that the new Melodyne DNA?

no bud its something i found i an article in sound on sound take a read by clicking on the other web link, there is plenty of info about it and seems to do the job really well, no more searching the web for those aCapella’s

cheap as chips too only $1800 :w00t:

Well, at that price I can get get one for work and another for my holiday home in Miami! :hehe:

looks awesome but well out fo my price range lol

don’t worry chris, i think this is out of most of our price ranges.

you can live knowing though that once someone else creates something that does the same thing the price will drop stupidly over night :slight_smile:

Yeah right Jon, there are quite a few companies developing software heading in the same direction.

Have you seen Visualvox before?

Not quite the same but pretty advanced all the same.

[url]improvisator.de - This website is for sale! - improvisator Resources and Information.

By the same dude who knocked up improvisator.

I’ve heard about this, I think I read about it in a mag a couple months back.

I think it’s a bargain. I’m getting one for me and one for my gold plated cat!

Good vid, still a long way to go with vocals though. The Trumpet sounded good though.