Hey sonic academy team … absolutely loved the Logic groove extraction tutorial :D… Please Please Please can U do a tutorial explaining how one can extract the grooves from FXpansions Guru to use within the Ableton live Groove Pool???:hehe:

Respectful Regards … x:P

you could just record a loop from guru to audio and extract the groove from the audio, thats what i do

just a quick video how i do it http://www.sendspace.com/file/a5jrge its not in any great detail and i usually spend alot more time on my drums but it will give you an idea

hey jon - thanks for the vid !

i still dont know, if its worth for me updating to live 8 only because of the groove function …

can anyone perhaps try what amount of global swing in live 7 i have to use which are kind of the same as the logic swing 8 C or 16 C ?

would be really, really helpful for me …

plz !




A faster more efficient way is to bypass the recording option Jon suggested and drop the patterns from guru as a midifile directly into ableton live.

For sure its more accurate since you don’t have to worry about lives transient detection which can and does affect the timing of the groove.

Give it a try and let me know if it works out for you.

edit: Was going to make a quick video tutorial but found one on youtube which shows the basic drag and drop principle although it looks like its for Logic? it works the same for live,

[url]- YouTube

8C and 16C are just simple grooves. 8C is a 1/8 swing, and 16C is a 1/16 swing. The key in ableton to the factory swing is making sure that you set your clips and loops to the right swing. I find ableton’s factory swing nice if you use it right. Try weird stuff with it. Fractions are for splitting bar tabs!


yes i now that those logic grooves are swing settings.

but how much in live 7 do i have to apply that its nearly the same that those grooves in logic ?

i have the midi clip in live to 16 groove but how much global groove do i have to apply to have the same feel than 16 c oder 16 b in logic?

30 - 50 - 70 ???

please …

and the guru midi files with the grooves in the box applied here - i can just drag and drop on a midi track in live 7 ?

that would be cool