F.A.O Roben

Hi Mate,

Just downloaded your remix of Stevie Wonder and loved it. Was really struggling with arrangement so dcided to load your track into ableton to inspire me - sure has done the trick. Its miles better when you see how other producers lay out their tracks and off course you have the added advantage of playing it out and nowing what works with regards to arrangement. Why use a big name track for reference when SA produces some of the best. Hopefully i will finally finish this one and get a track done - but having said that this has been my intention for the last two years :smiley:

Hey buddy sorry i’ve only just seen this, was probs best to PM me :slight_smile:

Wow thanks for the kind words! Really motivating to hear that my stuff has helped inspire you, it’s just a shame I couldn’t have got it out to the world some how for more people to enjoy, I guess that’s half the battle being an unknown.

I’m currently working on two new tracks at the moment since my return from the USA & Ibiza, i’m being too much of a perfectionist though lol (another hurdle), so i do feel your pain!

Thanks again mate, that’s really brightened up my day :smiley:

Ha Ha thought you had left the country and you obviously had.

No worries mate - keep up the good work and get your new tracks on soundcloud as soon as you can. Being a perfectionist is all part of the production process!!!