Faithless - insomnia - where can you find the synth in the breakdown?

I was talking with some friends the other day and we got onto a discussion about late 90s dance music. We started talking about the classic club stab synth that is heard in a few songs produced in the late 90s. for example, the insomnia song.

I would love to know where you can find that sound? maybe what vsts would create it?

I have to say… I absolutely Hate Faithless.

Really… Cannot stand them at all - Sorry Mate, had to get that out! :D :D:D

BUT… If its the stabby bit in the breakdown @ 2:19ish… Then its a common preset - Pizz.

They’ve probably tweaked it a little… but its basically a String Pluck.

Faithless Insomia -

Pizz @ 0:53

Thats the Cheeeeze I’m afraid! :hehe:

are you kidding? faithless is so great! i love the way his voice resonates in every track he does. its warm, rough, and always in harmony. in fact, in the insomnia track if you listen very closely, his voice almost sounds like after you smoke a spliff. very calming.

but as for the stab – yeah, maybe there were a few songs made with it that were a bit on the cheesy side, like brooklyn bounce lol (oh god), but put into the right combination of sounds, i just know it has total club shaking potential.

thanks for the info once again :smiley:

No probs Mate… I heard their next album is being released on a Cracker!

Just kidding… His voice is the saving grace of Faithless I think… At least for me anyway. I dont rate their Music. Thats just a personal thing.


Now… Dont get me started on Dido! :w00t:

Its a pizzicato string patch off the Roland JV series Synths.

JV-1080, JV-2020, Jv1010

also on the

Xp-30, 50 & 80

Or I bet there’s enough notes in teh song that you could be a pikey, sample them and create a patch in a decent sampler.

there is a instrumental & accapella floating around on the web with the riff in solo on it, i had it on my external drive but unfortunately my drive failed last week and i now have nothing unless it had been backed up to cd, if i do find it then i will upload it for you.

and i gotta say i prefer the sound of “we come one” even though its the same sound lol