Fake Blood Anyone?

I think he has quite a distinctive style using breakbeat formulas and sample manipulation, it would be great how to learn some techniques from some of his tracks Mars or even better his remix of cheap and cheerful



i second that. I’d love to know how he keeps his breaks sounding so snappy

That’s an easy one, just start drinking blood!


FYI, I’m pretty sure that Fake Blood is an alien, he’s just too damn good! My favorite part is on his myspace. “my name is fake blood, I take your music and do whatever I want with it!” That quote is f’ing awesome!

Good Idea. Lets get this tutorial going… Mars

would be great.

This guy used to be a member of the wiseguys who made that record “say ooh lala”

the guys i pretty much a genius. I love how he uses syllabols from lyrics to make them say fake bloodm before his drops. That takes so much time and talent.

+1 fake blood

MARS = global gathering 2008 car park :smooooth:

[url]south rakkas crew -fake blood remix-mad again - YouTube

simply the biggest tune in my CD wallet this year by far!

fake blood uses DASH Signature’s daHornet vst for his basslines,hope this helps.

[quote]jthomas (7/27/2009)[hr]i second that. I’d love to know how he keeps his breaks sounding so snappy[/quote]

he filters out the bottom end and then gates the break with sonnox oxford dynamics.then layers a 4/4 kick.most of the break loops he is using are off of an old sample cd bt made.