Fall bass, squeeze bass, wow bass

Is there anyway we can do a tutorial on making alot of cool basses or synth noises. The ones that are already on the site are awesome. I had never heard of the squeeze bass, so I was hoping you could do a tutorial on making cool basses. Perhaps there will be some more I do no know of.

Anyone else interested?

oh yeah, If you know of a synth that is cool that you think I would like, list it please. Thanks in advance.

Hey Samuel, for the bass sounds, I would check out the fidget house tutorial and go from there. you can tweak a few things to make it sound different. detune here, pitch envelope there, etc. That book I recommended to you a couple weeks ago “The Dance Music Manual” teaches you how to make a ton of different sounds from scratch. The great thing is that with a simple but powerful softsynth like Sylenth1, you should be able to make all the sounds with relative ease.

dude, thank you for that book recommendation. I did look it up about two weeks ago. I read the first couple of pages on amazon and was so asleep I almost died. That book is so freaking boring. It is really really good, but I hate to read. I’m still going to get it, but man am I mad there is not a movie for it.

Which one should I get, the first or the second one. I would get both, but I do not want to spend any more of my money yet. Again, thank you for the knowledge.

If anyone can list any synths I should look up how to create let me know. I’ve watched all of the sonic videos. I’ve learned so much about envelops from them.

All you need is the second edition. It’s just a updated version of the first. Yes, it is boring, but then again I wont read something like that at night. I read it and then use it as a reference when making music. Sylenth will make alot of great sounds, but I have Arturia’s Minimoog (which I love and its easy to use). I recommend that synth highly. I love the sounds that come out of Rob Papens soft synths, but its way to difficult to understand. The layout could be a little bit easier IMHO. If you have Operator, its REALLY REALLY powerful. I dont use anything made by NI unless its specialty. Like an organ, piano, or guitar rig. I have pro 53 too. NI just kills my processor.

I would love to purchase everyone of those synths, but I’m sticking with the sylenth for now. I have es2 and the reason synths, but I like the sylenth better than those.

I almost bought the first edition last night, thinking you would suggest it. Super glad I decided to wait to see what you would say. Thanks again man.