FAO Bryan or Phil

Hi there, Nik emailed me back advising I ask you on the forums about this.

I’m just setting up to do some software tutorials with profile video footage as well and wondered if you had some advice on mic choices for he job.

I’m using a Canon HV30 for video work and the pic is awesome but the mic is lame, I have tried using my akg cardiod condensor but the distance for the mic to be out of shot is getting a poor very cluttered signal of direct in direct sound.

I know one route is to really dampen my room to get more direct vocal balance on the mic but i wondered if you found choosing more of a location style mic works better?

Or are you using something like the XL’s and using its on board mic?

I have seen rode do a rifle type mic for a reasonable price.

Hope you can help

Weve used quite a few different mics over the last year or so…

we use the rode nt2 for VOs on our tutorials and sometimes my M3 which i also use for recording Voxs and acoustic guitar at home.

for the piece to camera bits we use a sony clip on mic

we used to use seinnheiser wireless clip on mics but they got stolen…:slight_smile: they where very good.

We also used to use the sennheiser shot gun mic very similar to the rode NTG2… it worked well but took quite a bit of setting up as it was very directional and needed to be pointed directly at the subject. pretty versatile tho.

so yeah… the rode NTG 2 should be a safe bet

Thanks Phil, looking at sennheiser, shure and AT hardwired clip tie mics, seems best option for low video visability vs least room sound.