FAO Howiegroove & Jon

Alright lads,

I coudln’t be arsed to write two seperate PMs to you both so just easier chucking in a FAO here on the board lol.

I keep wanting to have a chat with you about stuff, and i know you keep telling me to get AOL messenger so now i’ve given in, i’m going to get it… just so i can liase with you guys.

Can you give me your usernames or whatever it is that i need so that i can add you on AOL.

If you’d rather PM me so that the world doesn’t know your AOL then that’s fine. Speak soon :slight_smile:

Yeah Roben! My user name is djhowiegroove

Hit me up any time, but because of the time difference, Jon and I talk alot late in the evening or on weekends. You can hit me up any time though, because I’m on and off throughout the day on my phone and whatnot.

Cool cheers guys, have added you both now :slight_smile: