FAO Phil

When will be getting the rest of the trance tutorial up phil, I’ve been wanting to finish this tutorial for a while now. i know not everyone is into trance but i do think more and more of the SA members are getting into it by comments posted about how great this tutorial is so far.

me 2 been waiting for the whole tutorial since last year. but the funny thing is i got a email abt the trance tutorial say “Complete Set of Trance Video Tutorials Online Now!” and this what else was in the email wonder if everyone else got it

The complete “Sonic Bite Size” series of video tutorials showing you how to create a trance track from start to finish is now available on SonicAcademy.com.

The video tutorials show you how to create Chords, Beats, Basslines, FX, Arranging - the lot! The tutorials are split into the areas below:

Intro - In this tutorial we’ll show you the track we are going to create.

Chords - A look at some examples of chord structures, scales and riffs in various trance tracks.

Drums - How to create those big reverb clap sounds as well as putting together the rest of your beats.

Bass - How to create some killer bass sounds and patterns.

Stabs - How to create stabs using instrument racks, sampling fom Nexus and using Simpler

Pads - How to create Pads sampling fom Nexus and using Simpler.

Lead Riff - How to create a main Lead Riff.

Arranging - How arrange your track.

it would be a shame if that is the rest of the trance tutorial cause phil went into to so much detail in it explainied everything clearly my favourite tutorial on the site.

yes this is also one of my fav tutorials on the site, i can remember reading that its part of a 15 part tutorial. i may be wrong on that but could remember reading something along those lines.

We could do with more trance tuts as well, something with more tech trance / driving like simon patterson, sean tyas or Bryan Kearney.

yeah defo more trance and big yes to the tech trance

As a massive trance fan i’m also eagerly anticipating the rest of the trance tutorials. And yes, a tech trance tutorial in the style of Fred Baker, Simon Patterson, would be absolutely awesome!!

yeah FRED BAKER probably the best nomination so far

I’m all for some more trance tuts, woulod be handy if you could touch on the plugins you use to. sometimes whatever ones you use are breifly mentioned and i can’t quite catch the name of it.

would be handy if you could do a track from start to finish as once you have all the elements laid out the track just stops. we could do with some tips on gradually reducing parts of a track so its complete and mix-able on a cd deck.