Fast Track Build - Bry's Deep House 2014 / 289

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Join Chris and Bryan in Sonic Academy studios as we expand on Bryans' Deep House 2014 vision. Starting out firstly with our Sonic Rewind - where we deconstruct some popular Deep House tracks of the year that we are going to base our ideas on. 


Once all the main elements of fundamentals of the Deep House sound is researched, we then create an entire track in a live studio environment including all of the pitfalls and dead ends that come with it! So join us now over the next 4 hours as we go deeper..


Any questions guys just fire them here!

i can't play the videos just the rewind and the play through works for me, am on the prog player, tracks cool as tho :p

Are you a subscriber? Are you logged in?

yea to both questions, the videos load up but it just stays as a light blue screen. I spend quiet a lot of time away in different countries and was told to use the prog player dunno if its that?

Heres a pic if it helps?

Hi Adrian - try now

Cheers Bry working now :)

Be interesting to hear how it works out for you speed wise - this is our new video server

yea its all good much better than the last, loads up straight away and no buffering etc

any chance could i please purchase this tutorial

Hi John
this course is for our subscribers only - you can sign up at from only £34.99

random question:
On tutorial 3 "Drums & Strings" at 1:15 you guys are listening to the "F for U" by Disclosure… and I can't figure out why the vocals sound so high in pitch. When I compare the song in your video to the original, the one in the video sounds different.

Just wondering why is that happening?

It's pitched up a couple semi tones in traktor is all.

Hi Bryan! The "Freestyle no hats" loop is well produced. Can you guys make a tutorial how to re-create this kind of loops with all FX used to make it sounds like that. Tanx :)

Silence, why?

Hi Vito, it's possibly something we can do as a tech tip yes, can't guarantee if and when we will get round to it though

Guys, thx for one of the better tutorials ive seen, fast pace, every move made sense and pushed the project forward, left out the nitty gritty to the audience who all have their own ways of tweaking anyway.
Not sure if Bryan is still around to comment, if not, a general answer to my question works great.

In terms of selecting the many top loops for the percussion, could you give us a few words around your strategy there. Are you looking to fill up the spectrum? Are you going for complementary hits and grooves? Let us in on the thinking when you picked out just these specific loops. Or in general, what makes certain loops qualify and others not.

Hope there is more to it than a "if it sounds good.." answer.

Thanks again, Ace tutorial and track.


not about music here but this accent you have, whats it called?

i wish i could tell you more!
For me, i cycle through and look for something quirky / clicky / off beat / that compliments what is going on. So if im trying to get a crunchy snare, a percussion loop with a few early hits on the 2nd and 4th beat are going to help probably.

Adding a top like this too gives you something to add to the track at the natural 8 / 16 / 32 bar transitions to add variety as the track progresses.

I'm also looking for something that i would not think to put in. Some of my best work has been by complete accident.