Fast Track Build - Fast Track Build - Piano House / 304

FAST TRACK BUILD is an all new feature here on Sonic Academy. Using the genre selected for Sonic Rewind, the Sonic team attempt to build a track for you in under two hours. This is a fast paced feature allowing you to gain an understanding of a genre in a punchy, bite sized way. Join Phil and Chris as they cover the PRYDA sound.


Note: This course does not contain any samples or project files - It is intended that you learn from watching the techniques :) We show you the process of auditioning / discarding and selecting samples for yourself from your own sample collection


Would it be possible to get the percussion samples ;

no downloads for this :-((

When is Kick coming out?

lots of heavy breathing in this ha

Loving Sonic Rewind! Great stuff guys, thanks for continuing to provide awesome content. You&#039re a great resource to aspiring producers out there. Cheers!

I just finished watching tutorial no.5.
two questions.
1.Why don&#039t you use pan control.If there are any reason.
2.When parallel compression, attack time needs to be minimum, I think.
I just wonder.

Since I never had the pleasure to colab with anyone yet. I&#039m impressed with the way you both worked as a team to get an inspiring final product. Sonic Academy has helped me see and hear things that were right in front of me but I neglected taking that extra step because I was looking with my eyes closed so to speak. Keep up the great work my friends!

Nice track - can we have playthrough always at beginning or end of your tutorials? You guys tend to omit this since a while - I think me and maybe others would enjoy listening to the complete uncommented track
(pls tell Bryan also...) Thanks guys!


Forgot to mention that Sonic Rewind/Fast Track is a really cool feature in order to learn the genre specifics - please keep on !!!!

you guys should do a track in the style of
martin garrix - animals
Or Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike please

Very interesting tutorial. I found myself talking to my computer screen. I think they heard me a couple of times. (like turning the bass frequencies back down in during the final mastering video). LOL. I am impressed with the end result considering the time invested. I picked up a bunch of valuable tips. I especially liked how they made a point of matching the groove of the second melody to the piano. Great stuff.

"How to make electro house 2013" covers this... I think

you shoudnt compare pryda with martin garrix there is a huge difference ,and IMO animals doesnt have any musical aspect just a loud shit.this track is just kick nothing else ,maybe it is good when you are drunk :)

lol. It's all subjective. You should consider making constructive criticisms. Tell us why you dont like it and how you might improve it.

quick way to open en close all the lines in arraignment view (on mac) is alt + click on the little triangle in the cirkels like you normally close or open one of them

Real good stuff..!

Do you guys know you didnt exit out and remove the bit where you named everything haha. Great up to now though.

6:41 “Is there a Quick way to do that?”
" Not that I know of"

Yes. Hold ALT and click on an open track. All the open tracks minimize at once.