Fast Track Build - Fast Track Build - Trap / 308

FAST TRACK BUILD  is another all new feature here on Sonic Academy. Using the genre selected for Sonic Rewind, the Sonic team attempt to build a track for you in under two hours. This is a fast paced feature allowing you to gain an understanding of a genre in a punchy, bite sized way. Join Phil and Chris as they attempt to make a 'Trap' track. 


Note: This course does not contain any samples or project files - It is intended that you learn from watching the techniques :) We show you the process of auditioning / discarding and selecting samples for yourself from your own sample collection


rofl @ 7:29

will the file be available in resources?

Can&#039t believe you made that in 2 hours. There is me being impressed with people making a full track in a day, you go and smash it all with 2 hours..! FML I really need to learn to produce tracks faster.

That&#039s what&#039s UP!!!!!! You guys are truly talented. Keep it upâ?¦.It helps me have a open mind about certain genres.

fIles and resources please? Thank you.

I can honestly say I never knew what TRAP was, but now I do... Not my cup of tea music wise but this tutorial rocks! Well done guys, great vids, more like this please but in a different genre! ;)

cool tut .. but we cannot use KICK .. and it&#039d be great to get the base tut samples ... kepp up the good work :)

yo this really good Thanks

yo this really good Thanks

Excellent guys, top marks

I think it would sound better if the kick was held out. Still sounds good.

For the drum tutorial, everything gets off beat when I try to quantize the hi hat parts. Can anyone help me out?

I don't want be the bearer of bad news, but thinking that you can build a trap song in 20 mins, without immersing yourself in the genre is absolutely nuts! You may think trap is easy, but here is the real test.....Try making a trap beat, not reconstructing one. Honestly people who think trap is easy is just kidding themselves, and your just disrespecting the genre. The songs you have tried to reconstruct isn't even real trap. A couple pointers. Trap uses 2 kicks, an 808 drum bass with another kick, the 909 kick is the standard kick that goes with an 808, the reason they are perfect together is obvious when you put them together. I suggest spending some time listening to real trap #TrapForever

I tried to build a trap track after watching this. This is what I came up with,


simply fantastic

very nice tutorial

do we get points if we comment?