Fast Track Build - Phil's Deep House 2014 / 291

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Join Chris Agnelli & Phil Johnston in the Sonic Academy studios as we follow on from our Sonic Rewind on the Deep House sound, expanding on our original ideas to make a full Deep House track.

not sure if it's just me, but some of the media files seem to be missing:

freestyle topper
jack and jill main
million full 124

I think it's maybe those loops don't get used in the end.. I took the resources from the finished project. If you want them and the other loops we browsed through they are from the Deep House pack in the store.

Will you guys ever do one of these on Logic? Would love to see one!

Yeh Chris ? Will you :)


Well, will you? ;)

Ah go on then...

Yes please, one in Logic!

Thanx for this one, sounds superrr :-)

Hi guys for some reason the last video "Mixing Fx" is unavailable

Try again, working fine here.

just great one !

Really useful guys. If you´re going to keep doing Sonic Rewinds, please do a tropical house thing once:)

Yes! Where's the Logic version. Com.. On!

Hi Guys... I really need to find that video where Phill creats some harmonies with antares harmony engine triggered via midi chords.... I'm not even sure it was in this course but I remember he did at some point... Please... I need that sorted out!!!

Hi Lunalberto - Try this - tut 7

Great sound guys!

Although I have access to the videos, it seems that the actual tutorial videos are 'unavailable' regardless of browser that I use.

Problem on my end maybe?


can you drop us a mail
try and get it sorted for you

Great tutorial course but my only issue is with not owning Nicky Romero Kick VST and ANA synth makes it to where I cant hear the kick or the synth stabs so far, If the synth and kick were bounced to audio and were included along with the MIDI that is already there it would've helped so much more. Thanks again for the great course! =)