Faster Downloads! Need Testers!

hi guys,

if anyone that has a spare few minutes to test something out for me, it would be greatly appreciated!

we are in the process of transferring our material to a faster download server

ive just moved over all of the House to sound like Electro House videos.

if you want to help out

simply log in,

go to subscriber videos

go to the How To Sound Like No. 7 - Electro House

click on the “click here to view the videos” link

and then click a link and wait for the video load

finally, see how the speed compares to before!

also click the “course resources” link at the bottom and make sure you can access that

if you can report back your findings here, along with where in the world you are based!

muchos gracias

Hi Bryan,

I can certainly notice a big difference.

I am in the uk and live in a small village and quite far from our local exchange and realtime playback of the vids here and elsewhere usually glitch.

The electrohouse intro vid played all the way thru without any glitches :slight_smile:

So far so good then.

hey bry ,defo working much faster,and resources folder is there

 nice one :slight_smile:

Hi bryan

They take me 1:01 min to load the video introduction HTSL 7. I have 10mb/s DSL,I dont remember the other time (old server), but i think is more faster now.

when you are replying, please just state whether or not the links are working for you and if you find it faster

if you do get an error. do not post a whole chunk of code in here, send it to me in an email

cheers guys

I’m in New Zealand. I’m on ADSL2 which is probably pulling about 10meg at the moment and I’m pulling off 300K/s for the vids.

Nice work Bry