Fattening up sample takes/ disco/ 80;s etc

can you help. I am looking for a little help in the right direction with a question i really can't seem to find an answer anywhere on the internet, and was hoping that someone on here will have the answer.

I am wanting to produce disco house, but this query would apply to remixing any original track whether it be disco / 1920's / or an 80's pop track - but what I want to know is once you have imported ie. an old disco track and time stretched it . How best to beef the sample up to make it sound a little more up to date to fit in the arrangement - I think what i mean is what sort of thing would be used in the channel strip settings to chunk it up , what plugs to sound like freemasons etc,

if you can advise me I would be so very very grateful as it's driving me crazy as can't get it to sound fat / wide/expanded etc . it just sounds empty.

Although there is a tech disco tutorial on here it doesn't go into looking after the sample eq / channel strip etc/ I use Logic so could do with some Logic help rather than Ableton although the principles will remain the same

Thanks so Much


Not sure what kind of sound you are after. But I recently got the Sausage Fattener plug in and that thing will really add some beef to any elements of your song that you want.:smiley:


Hey sonicskape,

I can’t necessarily answer your questions specifically as it related to disco. However in terms of fattening up anything, here are a few things to try:

  1. Your DAW should have some sort of AMP distortion emulator. Add that plugin as a return/send effect, make its dry/wet 100% and turn down any bass parameter that it has to 0% - then send your sample to that channel in parallel. It will do a good job of fattening up the sound.

  2. Any kind of Overdrive or Saturation plugin added to the sound can be used to crunch the living daylights out of it.

  3. Use a delay trick - Add a delay plugin to the channel, use time instead of sync for both the left and right channels and make the left channel say 1ms and the right channel 8ms - instead stereo width.

    Hope that’s useful!