Favourite Feature of the New Site?

Hey guys,

So the new site is now up and running. So, it’s time to find out what your favourite features are! :slight_smile:

My favourite features of the new site are:

The navigation - the site is now divided into user groups. So if you’re a DJ and you want DJ resources or tutorials you can go straight into the DJ section of the site from the homepage. If you want help with music production, then there’s a place for that. The same goes for those interested in recording live music and school groups.

More video content - There’s now lots more free content for all Sonic Academy users whether you have registered, subscribed or are just visiting the site. If you register you’ll get access to more content than previously and if you subscribe, you get all videos. There’ll be a subscriber account available at the current £59.99 /$100 U.S. rate and a new subscriber plus account for £99.99 / $165 U.S. per year. See more information on subscriber benefits here.

Full screen video player - You now have the option to watch all of our video tutorials in full screen mode. Simply click on the little video expansion icon on the right hand corner or your video.

The Live Recording section - This is a section that will soon be filled with high quality tutorial videos, resources and articles related specifically to recording live music / vocals. So whether you’re in a band, or a singer/songwriter or just curious, I’d strongly advise you to keep an eye on this section over the coming months. To get a heads up on when the live recording videos will be added, simply register and sign up for our free newsletter. This will tell you what new content is being released each week.

What are yours? Post your replies here :slight_smile:


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Loving it all, I’m really looking forward to seeing the live recording stuff, although i did learn a lot already about that when i was at uni, but no harm in refreshers :wink:

Still think the forum colour needs sorting, bad case of snow blindness.

I think the only good thing about the forum is that you remain logged in and do not get errors when posting or quoting. The color sucks though.

I like the organization of the main site, but I dont think it offers more then before. Especially for the users that have been with the site during the early days. I just hope that now this has passed, the tutorials will start to flow again like they used to.

Hi Louise,

For me the forum reliability is without a doubt the best improvement. There was nothing more frustrating than being constantly logged out of the old forum or ‘reply to posts’ vanishing as a result but thankfully that’s a thing of the past. :smiley:

It’s true the switchover wasn’t as smooth as I thought it would be but its a big site and the migration was always going to cause a few glitches.

I bet the pressure back at SA HQ was pretty intense for a bit to get it all sorted lol

I’ve said it before but I am really not so sure about the colour scheme chosen for the forums as I find it hard on my eyes but that’s just personal taste. Nothing a pair of shades won’t fix.

As Howie says not much else appears to have changed although I appreciate a great deal of re-ogranisation has taken place behind the scenes.

I am sure you realise that content must always come first and as long as that starts to flow again I am sure everything should be cool.

To be truthful when things dried up a while back I started to resent this place bigtime and that was reflected in my attitude here.

Anyway I am sure all the glitches will soon be water under the bridge so good luck.

Hope the feedback helps.


It’s cool Krome, you weren’t the only one, but it’s all - like you said - water under the bridge.

Onwards and upwards. Lets help Sonic win the next '"Best Music Production Courses " by T-Scan Awards. They deserve it.

[quote]roben (11/02/2010)[hr]Lets help Sonic win the next '"Best Music Production Courses " by T-Scan Awards.[/quote]

How can WE help? They make the content.

[quote]howiegroove (11/02/2010)[hr][quote]roben (11/02/2010)[hr]Lets help Sonic win the next '"Best Music Production Courses " by T-Scan Awards.[/quote]

How can WE help? They make the content.[/quote]


Voting for what?

I give up…

No no, seriously. I seriously dont know what you are talking about. I live in the United States. If you have ever been here, you would know that we dont have the same things here that you do. Maybe you could teach me something for once.

the t-scan awards are run by dj magazine

it’d be great if you guys nominated and voted for us


[quote]kev sonic (12/02/2010)[hr]the t-scan awards are run by dj magazine

it’d be great if you guys nominated and voted for us


sure someone posted it up when its happening and i’ll happily do that

Yeah, I would too.

And me - I’d be glad to vote for SA. :slight_smile: