Feature or Bug? (Editing curves between nodes)


There’s something that’s been getting to me recently and I’m not sure whether there’s a bug or a nuance I don’t quite understand when editing the pitch curve.

If I have two nodes and I want to make small adjustments I will do so by holding ctrl + drag.

However, when I do it almost always causes the curve to make a large jump initially before giving me the fine control. This doesn’t happen when not using ctrl to make regular adjustments, and it doesn’t happen 100% of the time (rather around 80-90%). This can be pretty frustrating when I think I have the curve almost there but it just needs a tiny tweak. Is there some kind of rationale/pattern behind it or is it a bug?


Holding the Cmd ( mac ) or Ctrl ( PC ) key while dragging should give you fine adjustment of nodes positioning ( so the value in Hz ) next to the selected node.

You have to make sure that the SNAP button is disabled ( with Snap enable, the changes are done in semi-tones ) and make slow moves with your mouse. Higher DPI rate or mouse sensitivity can affect the behavior as well.

The value in ms ( top right of the pitch envelope screen ) are based on a logarithmic algorithm and curve, to allow more precise adjustment of the attack portion of the kick, so this will not move in 1 step value increment.