Feature Request : ANA 2 Midi OUT & Presets for Envelopes

Hey Guys,

I’m absolutely loving ANA 2 and I thought I’d put my 2 cents in and ask for a couple of feature requests:

  1. It would be awesome if ANA had midi out so you could record your arp/CMD jams to another midi track fro further editing.
    Or even like steinberg Halion a feature to quickly record a midi file within the plugin and then drag to export, the same possibly with audio too ? This would greatly enhance ANA2 as a writing and production go to in my opinion.

Also, maybe a bit picky, but if you could have presets for the envelopes like you have fro the G env that would be a time saver and also nice to be able to quickly step through for example pluck envelopes, pad envelopes etc…

Anyway many thanks if you listen or even disagree, I’m loving the workflow with ANA and really look forward to where you guys might take it next.

Kind Regards
Kevin Whelan

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Hi there @hazybrain

For this first point : ANA 2 is already sending Midi Out, you need to setup a new midi channel ( either empty just to record the Midi or with a new software instrument that will be triggered by ANA 2 ) and make sure to route both ANA 2 & your new Midi track depending of your DAW.

Here’s an example with Ableton’s Live 10 and you can see the routing settings on the right & 2 clips ( arp & chords ) recorded from the 1st ANA 2 track to a new Midi track.

EDIT : Forgot to mention that this is only possible to get Midi Out using the VST plugin version of ANA 2.
This is not yet implemented for the AU plugin version, so it doesn’t work inside Logic Pro at the moment.

More info on this & a demo on how to set this up with the VST inside Ableton Live here :

Hey Stephane,

Thanks so much for getting back to me.That is awesome that ANA can do this. I had tried it within ableton but I neglected to change the 2nd slot (pre/post fx)to Ana2 x64. Now it’s all working brilliantly, thank you so much ! I’m using Ana 2 as my main go to synth to start a project and this feature is just killer.

Kind Regards

Kevin Whelan

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No worries, just giving some information here :wink:

I agree that a drag & drop Midi feature will be very nice. I don’t know if this can be easily implemented.

Also, for Midi out in the AU plugin format ( mainly for Logic Pro users ), the reason it wasn’t implemented so far is because this feature wasn’t available until version 3 of the Audio Unit format. Since this is now possible, an update in ANA 2 would be nice too.

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Just adding a +1 here for the MIDI out feature of ANA 2. It’s an amazing feature, and I think you guys are missing a massive trick by not selling it more. It’s not even in the manual!!

I literally bought Scaler and Cthulhu to achieve the same effects as CMD + ARP. While those plugins have some other handy features (eg Arp randomise is killer…), I can get most of the core features from ANA 2. You do the maths of how much I would have saved if I knew ANA 2 had MIDI out… It’s a meaningful sales pitch.

Maybe you can’t advertise due to lack of AU compatibility, but seriously you’re missing a trick!

Thanks for the great tools :pray:

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