Feature Request. Fx send in the OSC mixer

Hey guys
First off hello. This is my first post. Ana 2 is quickly becoming my favorite music making tool

I think adding a couple of fx sends to individual OSC in the mixer would greatly increase the versatility.

Unfortunately there’s no way to do this as the oscs need to get mixed before they hit the filters otherwise you would need 6 times the amount of filters. Cpu would not like that as they are the most expensive bit to compute. There maybe a way to have the different filters able to route out to different fx.

I’ll have a think about how that would be handled in the gui

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Thanks for the quick reply and interest Phil. I guess that’s why most synths don’t do that.

But…please don’t clutter the GUI. It is one of the gems in synth land. I would rather do without features than mess up a good work flow.

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