Feature Request : Global Tuning in ANA 2?

I`ve tried to find where I can move the global tune from 440Hz to 432Hz?
And I cannot see where the parameter is
Does anybody know?



Hi there @lemontree

I don’t think there’s such a Global Tuning option in ANA 2 ( please correct me if wrong @phil_johnston ), you can de-tune each oscillator and do cool things with the “ensemble” effect but can’t tell about a Global Tuning setting, again should be confirm by S.A team, maybe I missed it.

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That’s correct… there is no global tuning… it’s currently just locked to 440.

Will Defo add this to feature list.


Not having a global pitch is a dealbreaker. Is there a plan for the implementation of global tuning or is there a way to back out of the deal?

Sorry to be a butch about the piglets but hordes of people work with differently tuned symphonic orchestras.

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