Feature Request - Oscilloscope

Hi Sonic-Academy-Team,

I may have a feature request for ANA 2. Lately, I came across the Diva synth from u-he and found one thing in particular really cool about it. I don’t know, if am I the only person, who finds it helpful to see the output of the synth in a oscilloscope (visual representation if I can say so). I found this really useful, to build up patches / preset, of course there a workarounds to use third party plugins etc. but to have / see it directly in ANA 2, without jumping between plugin windows and while tweaking knobs, would be awesome.

Here two screenshots, what I mean exactly:

I found the idea of involving the community in future features really cool, so maybe this could be a possible feature. Also thanks for this great synth, I start to learn synths with ANA 2 :grin:

By the way, if the screenshots of Diva may cause problems because of copyright or some kind of forum rules, please let me know and I will remove them.