Feature Request: Provide Links to Plugins which where used in Tutorials

Hey Sonic-Gang

After a few tutorials i noticed how annoying it is, to lookup all the used Plugins (VSTs/AUs) and search for them in the www. Sometimes it is half an hour and more, just searching for the plugins.

Couldn’t you add the links to the plugins which where used in the tutorial?
For all future tuts, let the tutors add used plugin links, for the past stuff, go through it :grin:
Just make an <ul> within oder below the description for adding plugin links.

For example this one, free VST, very helpful, used in different tuts:

It would make stuff a lot easier for your subscribers - plus, you could do some $ if using affiliate links, when available.

However… the first point is more important :slight_smile:
Make life easier for users :sunglasses:

Hello Users
Do you think this is a cool idea?
If YES: Comments appreciated, like it and show some love :heart: