Feature Request

I know this isn’t what Kick2 was designed for, but hear me out:

It is great and crafting a nice kick and being bale to pitch it with keytracking. It can even do so with some percussion based samples loaded on to the click tracks. It seems to be able to pitch with out changing the speed of the sample I.E. higher pitch same play time.

When i try to load a different type of sample into kick2 for a click I get the chimpmunk effect I.E. Higher pitch and faster play rate.

anyway to get the stretching algorithms to work well with all samples types?


We don’t have any plans currently to implement time stretching algorithms into the Sampler section, but will definitely keep it noted as a feature request

Thanks for the response. Personally it would be a huge feature and improvement to my workflow, but I may be the only one!

I’ll also hold out too see whats in store for the next release, whatever that may be!

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