Feature requests: Undo/Redo, Bypass, Drag modulation source

Hi, i got few Feature Requests during trialling ANA 2:

  1. Undo/Redo button/command.

  2. Bypass modulation, bypass filter, bypass oscillator.
    Right now it is possible to bypass an effect, which is very handy to test A/B sound.
    a) What i would like is to be able to bypass modulation. Right now to bypass modulation i need to make modulation depth to 0, then return to previous value that i need to remember.
    b) To bypass filter i need to set filter to none. Then return to filter type that i need to remember. Opening Cutoff is not helping, because the Resonance and Drive also should be adjusted.
    c) Disabling oscillator i possible only by setting volume to 0 or voice to 0. When then i need to return everything to previous value.
    (Undo/Redo kind of helping to achieve bypassing, but not really as convenient)

  3. Drag and drop modulation source - it is very quick, however may be not vital.

Undo/Redo is the must for me as for now.

Thank you,


yes totally agree, i was quite baffled that a 2019 software doesn’t have undo. i mean, teak the arp for 2 hours and then accidentally click the clear button. just happened to me… guys, come on.

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I agree too! The synthesizer is cool, but the Undo/Redo is very lacking!

+1 for undo/redo

Agree with all of these but my list is bigger! lol

Desperately need drag-and-drop modulation and a way to edit mod amounts around the knobs.