**Fedde Le Grand Electro Videos wont load**

Thanks for your help…

are you using the latest version of quicktime?

do other videos work?

Thanks for the reply Phil,

I was able to load the introduction video and watch it once.

When I tried to load the second video… it stopped half way through

and in the last 3 days I have been unable to load anything. I click on the video link… it brings up the first frame of the intro video sequence and then transfer times out.

I dont think it is a quicktime issue as again I was able to view the video once. Everything works well on my pc… no other problems with anything.

I also tried viewing the videos from my mac laptop… using a different wi fi connection … and the same thing happened!

Really, really want to start the tutorial as I have some time off this week… help!

c.c to your PM box as well…

Cheers and thank you very much for your help in advance…

BTW GREAT site… please keep up the amazing work.


I reinstalled my quicktime… and it solved the problem…

Thanks Phil