Feed back on my new track please :D

Hey guys, just wondering if i could get some feedback on my mix and just an overall on the track itself. thanks guys.


I actually think this has a lot of potential.

I love how simple the riff is… its got that “ive heard this before vibe” which is great.

The start of the track never comes back in so it sounds a bit weird it just being in that one section. Either get rid of it or use it again.

The sort of jerky stuff in the first break also sounds a bit weird to me… its like the volume is jumping around too much.

I also think you should lose the sidechain in the breaks… or lower the effect of it… the whole point of the sidechain thing IMO is to give the impression that when it all kicks in that its so loud that the kick is pushing the rest of the sounds out of the way.

When it kicks in it should be louder than the build… you can see on the waveform that the energy drops when it kicks in… its should be the opposite - breakKICKEDIN… not BREAKkickedin.

id also like to hear the the modulated riff in the buildups still present in the main sections.

Over all tho i really like this… think it has lots of potential.

This is just a bit too much sidechain action for me. Sorry.

Btw, you can post the widget code from the Share button on soundcloud easily in your topic.

Thanks for your feedback guys this was alot of help, i do agree the sidchain is too much and i will deffinatly have a look at the mix. thanks heaps guys