Feedback for 2 songs?

I made 2 tracks and would need feedback for mixing and reverb since i still struggle with it a lot D:

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds *second song

  • 1rst Track : Overall a good mixing work done with this first track, I like the drums & percussion fills, it’s creating nice variation. Now for the synth & melody, it’s very linear IMHO, was expecting more elements in addition to the main synth lead to make the track more punchy & create interest. You added some new synths elements in the second part of the track, it could be there already before and then get much more dynamic & punchy in the second part & make the all mix more catchy.

  • 2nd Track : Really like this one, trippy & catchy track from start to end for me. Great job done on the different synths both for those plucks in the front as well as all the other layers creating the atmosphere in the all track. Great job with this & the progression. Now I think you don’t need so much low end & levels in the techno rumble, it’s probably taking out a lot of energy from the track. You could reduce the rumble & low end level and combine this with some filtering I think. But again, nice trippy Techno track, good work.